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The purchase and sale of merchandise historically constitutes the base of the economic activity of any population. Likewise, the development of agriculture as an activity changed the way of life of humanity.


These facts are as significant as they are to this day. At the base of the value chain are the elements of first necessity, where foods stand out. Agricultural industry plays a fundamental role, where global natural population growth is pushing for an incessant demand.

In this sense, there is a worldwide consensus on the importance of agricultural producers in this context. In the USA. for example, there are promotion programs through fiscal incentives to prop up the activity.

Evaluating all these elements, we have developed a business plan that is in line with this niche market. Using current technology tools in agricultural production, and addressing the different seasonality of crops, you can get up to four or more crops throughout the year. This allows a high return business, since the demand ensures the complete absorption of what is produced.

As a complement, we also propose within the plan the second link in the chain, that is, the logistics, transport and distribution system. Undoubtedly, the weight that the logistics industry has within the economic matrix of any country today. In our case, in the USA, more than 90% of the loads move in a terrestrial way, and in its great majority through trucks.

The Business

The business in its first stage consists of the cultivation of various types of vegetables, fruits and vegetables to provide the American domestic market. It is agriculture under intensive method, with controlled humidity. The species to be cultivated are tomatoes, chayote, yam, lettuce, sweet potato, among others. According to each species, it is possible to achieve a series of harvests during the same year. The field is located in Sebring, Florida. It is a field of more than 100 has, where 10 additional ranches will be set up for the development of the activity.

We have a very important terrestrial distribution network, formed by a fleet of modern trucks within the United States. This allows us to comply efficiently with the just-in-time policy, a factor highly valued in the American economy. The base of operations of the transport company is located outside of Miami, which allows us to be close and fully supply the state of Florida as well as neighboring states.

We market our own burdens, carrying out the business end-to-end in the value chain. This is a very important factor in our business plan, since managing our own production allows us to gain efficiency and competitiveness, obtaining an interesting profitability and maintaining captive markets. Although the main activity is centered within the United States, the advantage of having an integral format has allowed us to reach international markets. Such is the case of Central America, where we have supplied the demand of several distribution centers with our products.



Those responsible for carrying out this proposal are companies with a proven track record, which have been performing the activity for many years, and which together are enhanced to achieve better performance. Such is the case of K Distributor Inc., which is a company in Puerto Rico whose activity is the distribution of all types of vegetables in Central America and the United States. This company has been a leader in its segment in recent years and seeks to position itself definitively within the United States with its own production.

On the other hand, the company CREM Logistics LLC, together with other associated companies, is responsible for the distribution within the United States, whose headquarters are located in Florida and from there distributed throughout the country with a fleet of trucks of the latest generation. This company has been developing the activity for several years, which allows us to reach clients of our own portfolio.

The financial part of the business is in charge of Synergy Consulting Group LLC, also based in Florida, USA, allowing this investment possibility to be brought to investors throughout Latin America. It is a detachment from the company Synergy Capitals, which started operating in the Argentine market a decade ago.

The proposal

According to the described model, an excellent opportunity is presented for private investors, they can participate by financing part of the business. In this way, minimum fractions of participation are constituted, allowing the entry of the small or medium investors. In order to mitigate the risks, the investor enters a scheme of assured return and interesting short term returning rates.

The minimum period of permanence is 12 months, renewable automatically, and the frequency of the profit payments is quarterly without waiting times, the payment will be excetued at the third month since the investment is made. The profit rate is 12% per year in dollars, always in a secured manner by contract.


The legal instrumentation is composed of a series of documents that are detailed below:

  • At first place, there are employment contracts, where the distribution companies are contracted with merchandise included and the business result is guaranteed through signed contracts.
  • Secondly, there is a contract between Synegy Consulting Group LLC, which is the company that groups private investors, with the Distribution Companies, where the profit and the return of the capital are guaranteed through the collaterals, which are constituted by goods real estate whose appraisal doubles the capital contributed.
  • Finally, a loan agreement is signed between Synergy Consulting Group LLC and the investors, at a fixed rate having an assured return.


The business guarantees consist of real estate, fully executable. In this case, it concerns lots belonging to the Racquet Village, Cap Cana, an exclusive area of ​​Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, valued at USD 670,000. The investment is always guaranteed with more than double the value contributed, that is, each lot is taken up to a maximum of USD 300,000, to give total solidity to the project and investor's security.

All investments are made within the scope of US legislation, which constitutes an additional guarantee for the investor and the protection of its assets.

Investment detail
  • Location Florida, Estados Unidos
  • Promotor Synergy Consulting Group LLC

  • Capital USD 25.000,00
  • Administrative Cost USD 0,00
  • Total Target Amount USD 25.000,00
  • Minimum Participation USD 1.000,00
  • Gross Profit Rate 12,00%
  • Gross Profitability USD 3.000,00
  • Utilities Commission USD 127,20
  • Capital Return + Profitability USD 27.880,00
  • Net Profitability Rate 11,49%

  • Investment term 1 Year
  • Funding Term 90 Days
  • Payments Frecuency Quarterly
About the Society

About the Project






In the event that the project is not financed within the stipulated period, SmartFunder has the possibility of extending the period initially established as long as the amount financed exceeds 60% of the required capital and SmartFunder considers that it has a high probability of success. Otherwise, the money will be returned to investors in full with an interest rate of the order of 2% per year.

You receive the investment contract signed by the developer of the venture.

You have up to 10 business days to cancel your investment at no cost as long as the project has not been funded. Otherwise, you will not be able to cancel your order and your only way will be to sale your share in the secondary market.

The benefits are received as interest, profits or dividends depending on the type of project in which you have invested.

The money is fully returned to investors, without discounting any commission.

If you do not want to await the completion of the project, you can put on sale the shares that you have purchased or simply those that you want to sell.


Se le comunica a los inversores que se ha realizado el pago de utilidades correspondientes a los meses de Agosto, Septiembre y Octubre

Te comunicamos que se ha realizado el pago de utilidades correspondientes a los meses de Mayo, Junio y Julio

Pago de la primer cuota del proyecto Farmlands.

Estimados Inversores: El proyecto Farmlands Pool ha sido financiado en su totalidad. El mismo comienza a operar a partir del 1 de febrero de 2019, y pagará un retorno del 12% anual con pagos trimestrales. El vencimiento del primer pago será el 10 de mayo de 2019. Muchas gracias a todos los que hicieron posible el cumplimiento de este objetivo, los mantendremos al tanto de cualquier novedad por este medio. Saludos Cordiales. Orlando Mereles Manager Synergy Consulting Group

El proyecto fue financiado exitosamente

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