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What is SmartFunder ?

SmartFunder is an investment platform operated by Synergy Consulting Group LLC, based in Florida, United States, which has been operating in the market for more than a decade.

SmartFunder allows small and medium-sized investors from all over Latin America to be able to participate in real economy projects of the United States in a simple and safe way. The investments are made within the scope of US law, constituting an additional guarantee and a protection of the patrimony.

Thanks to SmartFunder, many investors will be able to guarantee a future and achieve maximum performance for their savings in a easy way and diversification as you never imagined before, building long-term equity and minimizing risk by investing in different types of assets.

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How does it work?

  • Sign upSign in with your personal data and attach the required documentation to activate your account.

  • InvestChoose the most interesting projects and invest by bank transfer or credit card.

  • ManageFollow the evolution of your investments in real time from the comfort of your computer, tablet or cell phone.

  • SellMarket your shares in our internal secondary market and get an early exit.

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The Crowdfunding or collective financing applied to the financial market is a new financing scheme, in which individuals and companies finance projects, businesses or personal activities through internet platforms in exchange for receiving a financial return.

The Crowdfunding emerges as an equal and democratic opportunity for all types of entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of carrying out their own ventures and so that all types of investors can participate in high-level ventures with very small investment tickets.

The company uses this collective investment mechanism to generate variable incomes, fixed incomes or purchase options at an opportunity cost in areas such as Real Estate, Agriculture, Logistics, Hospitality, among others.

These alternatives to the capital market allows more people to become part of businesses previously reserved for big investors.

Our Skills

We have a solid team of international professionals with more than 20 years of joint experience in the finance and technology sector together with the most advanced technology tools and the best strategic alliances, thanks to this, SmartFunder investment platform was built to bring the best projects of investment in the United States to investors throughout Latin America to allow their savings continuing to grow as safely as possible.




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The accelerated pace of the world economy requires us to be attentive to the opportunities that emerge in different latitudes. The world is constantly changing and the traditional way of doing business takes new forms on the everyday.

Our mission is to detect those opportunities, investigate them, perform a thorough analysis of their competitive advantages for your target market, delineate the business plan and execute it aiming to the success.

The company takes care of end-to-end business, with a 360 degrees vision on each business, organizing the legal, financial, tributary and human resources structures, forming the operative ecosystem that converts them into profitable ones and summoning the investors to accelerate their development at the time of obtaining a good profit margin.

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