Trailers - Reefers

Trailers - Reefers

The United States is one of the most important economies in the world, having a market in constant growth. It only remains to see the dimensions of the businesses that are planned here to understand the magnitude of the issue, where the internal product of many of its states are superior to that of many developed countries.


The American logistics industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. The movement is constant in all the segments, especially the land cargo transportation. Within this specific heading not only stands out the permanent demand for transport that requires cargo solutions, but also the multiple businesses that arise around it.

The business

One of the most required is the leasing of trailers. In a scarce market of both trucks and trailers, these last ones become very important since the demand exceeds the existing supply, allowing the business for the tenant companies to be at the optimum point, tending to full employment.

Something very common in the logistics transport business that responds to the strategy of many companies, is that only acquire tractors (trucks), in order to adapt the possibility of taking different types of trailers according to market conditions. This encourages the work of the tenant companies, which are specialized in the rental of their different units.

In the case of Synergy Consulting Group, the company takes care of the business end-to-end. In addition to owning a large fleet of trucks and using it to transport their own products, they also manages third party fleets for open market cargo.

The proposal

In this context, the company developed a business unit for private investors that has to do directly with the operation of the trailers, as detailed below:

  • Investment: USD 20,000
  • Objective: Purchase and exploitation of Dry Van units (refrigerated cargo)
  • Fixed rent insured by contract: 12% per year
  • Business term: 2 years (automatically renewable)
  • Profitability payments: quarterly
Investment detail
  • Location Florida, Estados Unidos
  • Promotor Synergy Consulting Group LLC

  • Capital USD 30.000,00
  • Administrative Cost USD 0,00
  • Total Target Amount USD 30.000,00
  • Minimum Participation USD 1.000,00
  • Gross Profit Rate 12,00%
  • Gross Profitability USD 7.200,00
  • Utilities Commission USD 305,28
  • Capital Return + Profitability USD 36.912,00
  • Net Profitability Rate 11,49%

  • Investment term 2 Years
  • Funding Term 30 Days
  • Payments Frecuency Quarterly
About the Society

About the Project






In the event that the project is not financed within the stipulated period, SmartFunder has the possibility of extending the period initially established as long as the amount financed exceeds 60% of the required capital and SmartFunder considers that it has a high probability of success. Otherwise, the money will be returned to investors in full with an interest rate of the order of 2% per year.

You receive the investment contract signed by the developer of the venture.

You have up to 10 business days to cancel your investment at no cost as long as the project has not been funded. Otherwise, you will not be able to cancel your order and your only way will be to sale your share in the secondary market.

The benefits are received as interest, profits or dividends depending on the type of project in which you have invested.

The money is fully returned to investors, without discounting any commission.

If you do not want to await the completion of the project, you can put on sale the shares that you have purchased or simply those that you want to sell.


Te comunicamos que se ha realizado el pago de utilidades correspondientes a los meses de Mayo, Junio y Julio

Se deja constancia del Trailer adquirido por la empresa Silver Logistics Truck LLC.

Estimados Inversores: Antes que nada agradecerles la confianza por haber invertido en Synergy a través de la plataforma SmartFunder. Nos complace comunicarles que ya se ha adquirido el Trailer Refrigerado, y en los próximos días estarán listos todos los documentos necesarios para que el mismo pueda ser explotado. A su disposición, los saludo cordialmente. Orlando Mereles Synergy Consulting Group - Member

El proyecto fue financiado exitosamente

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