Synergy Logistics

Synergy Logistics

The 90% of cargo transportation in the United States is done by land. According to the experts of Synergy Consulting Group LLC, this presents an opportunity to join the first economy of the planet.


According to a report of the International Monetary Fund, the main economy of the planet is in the United States, where the gross domestic product is about 20.5 billion dollars per year.

In recent years there are many macroeconomic variables that improved in the northern giant, many of them favored by the increase of the consumption of the population, mass tourism, industry in recovery and the lowest level of unemployment in almost 50 years, with just 3.7%.

Within this panorama of growth, one of the historical protagonists of the economy of that country is also on the rise: the cargo truck.

The Opportunity of Transportation

In the U.S, more than 90% of the total transportation is made by land, and most of them through a large truck network that covers different areas throughout the country.





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The Business

In such a competitive and demanding market, our company is in charge of making each variable of the business more efficient, having as main objective to reach high standards in quality of service and fulfilling our clients in the "just in time" modality. Collecting and delivering merchandise throughout the American territory.

This arduous task allows us to monitor the business in all its stages, achieving optimal quality standards, highly valued by our customers. Many times it is preferable to resign profit at the expense of a higher quality service delivering in a timely manner, which ensures customer loyalty and commitment.

Specifically on the subject of transportation, it is carried out through a large fleet of trucks, having trailers for dry and refrigerated cargo based in Medley, Florida.

The proposal

Synergy Consulting Group LLC is a company that belongs to an international holding who invests in the American agricultural and logistics industry. The company offers direct alternatives in the logistics sector for investors throughout Latin America, among which is part of the structure being the owner of a truck company "turnkey", thanks to this, the investor do not have to worry about the operation of the business.

Interested investors can own their own logistics company in the United States. A society is constituted, units are bought, they starts working through our Operator, and we take care of managing the whole business.




According to the experience and the units that are currently operating, the performance of a unit operated in this way exceeds 25% per year .

monthly Profitability payments , thanks to this, the investor should not wait till the company starts the activity.

The contracts with the Operator are signed for a term of 5 years, a period in which a growth horizon is contemplated where the number of units can be increased and thus increase the revenue.

Risks are totally mitigated, since the charges are provided by our own company and the maintenance of the units is in charge of our mechanical Team.

The financial organization of the business is in charge of Synergy Consulting Group LLC, based in Florida, allowing the participation of private investors from throughout Latin America.



Outline Scheme

At any time of the project, you can place your participation in our internal secondary market for sale. Consider that it is not necessary to sell your full participation, you will can sell the amount of shares you want.

Investment detail
  • Location Florida, Estados Unidos
  • Promotor Synergy Consulting Group LLC

  • Estimated Purchase Price USD 46.000,00
  • Repairs + Tires USD 6.000,00
  • Permits + License + Sales Tax 7% USD 6.000,00
  • Install GPS/ELD USD 500,00
  • Down Pmnt Insurance USD 3.500,00
  • Adquisition and Implementation Fee USD 5.000,00
  • Total Investment USD 67.000,00

  • Funding Term 150 Days
  • Payments Frecuency Monthly



About the Society

About the Project






In the event that the project is not financed within the stipulated period, SmartFunder has the possibility of extending the period initially established as long as the amount financed exceeds 60% of the required capital and SmartFunder considers that it has a high probability of success. Otherwise, the money will be returned to investors in full with an interest rate of the order of 2% per year.

You receive the investment contract signed by the developer of the venture.

You have up to 10 business days to cancel your investment at no cost as long as the project has not been funded.

The benefits are received as interest, profits or dividends depending on the type of project in which you have invested.

The money is fully returned to investors, without discounting any commission.

If you do not want to await the completion of the project, you can put on sale the shares that you have purchased or simply those that you want to sell.


Se comunica a los inversores que el proyecto Synergy Logistics ha sido cancelado por no haber logrado alcanzar el objetivo mínimo de financiamiento en el plazo estipulado. Agradecemos a todos los participantes y esperamos contar nuevamente con ustedes en un nuevo proyecto.

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